Explore Bowen in the Whitsundays

This will take you to Rotary Lookout overlooking Horseshoe Bay, the WW2 radar installation overlooking Murray Bay and then on to ‘Mother Beddock’ overlooking Rose Bay.  

‘Mother Beddock’ is a huge rock balancing precariously on a granite outcrop. Legend has it that the rock derived its name from a Bowen lady who had a rather large pimple on her nose. Mother Beddock’s Pimple was shortened in great Australian style to ‘Mother Beddock’.

From Rose Bay you can either return on the trail or walk along Rose Bay Road to Horseshoe Bay Road, then back to Grays Bay.

Fishing is one of Bowen’s most popular pastimes.  Charters, estuary, beach.

Snorkelling is excellent along any of the bays from Grays Bay to Rose Bay and beyond with an abundance of colourful coral and marine life to view.